What is Play Therapy?

February 24, 2011

Programs and Services

We work with kids 3, 4 and 5 years old, and the horrific things that have happened to them are often beyond their ability to describe.

Play Therapy provides a way for these children to demonstrate what they themselves cannot put into words.

In Play Therapy, the therapist uses toys, puppets, dolls and role playing to allow a child who has experienced extreme neglect, sexual or physical abuse, or chronic illness or death to describe and begin to deal with their trauma.

Courtney Schaefer, a Registered Play Therapist in private practice, recently joined FRC on a part-time basis. She specializes in toddlers who have attachment issues due to severe neglect. She says that Play Therapy allows the child a safe and nurturing environment where even the most troubling issues can be addressed. She likes to use simple but comforting supplies, like cotton balls, lotion, blankets, and bubbles. And, she says, activities always include feeding,“because feeding is the ultimate in nurture.”

For more information about Play Therapy and how it can help children, contact us at 314.534.9350.