What About Michael?

March 11, 2011

News and Stories

Two days ago Michael began physically attacking other kids in the after-school program he attends.  This wasn’t the usual little boys’ rough and tumble fisticuffs  — these were mean, adrenaline-charged attacks.  Fortunately a teacher’s aide spotted the fighting and asked what was wrong.   It took a long moment of silence before Michael’s face disappeared into the teacher’s sleeve and he began sobbing, his words almost inaudible over his cries: Just three nights ago he had watched  helplessly as his mother’s boyfriend beat her so severely that she was in intensive care, barely clinging to life.   Now his helplessness and his anger were tearing him apart.

We don’t know yet whether Michael’s mom will be okay – that is in the doctor’s hands. But of greatest importance to us right now is whether Michael will be okay.

Someday will Michael be beating his angry fists against a woman?  Will his children cower in a corner as he showers them with physical and verbal abuse?  And when Michael has lost his girlfriend, his wife …when his children are taken from him and he is incarcerated, what then?

With your financial assistance we hope to answer these questions – for Michael and for all the other children caught up in the cycle of abuse.  Help us write a different chapter to Michael’s story. Contact Family Resource Center at 314.534.9350 or make a donation today.