Guardian Society


The Greg Echele Guardian Society recognizes individuals who make significant and ongoing financial contributions to FamilyForward (the newly merged entity of Children’s Home Society of Missouri and Family Resource Center). The name honors Greg Echele, Family Resource Center co-founder and 28-year Chief Executive Officer, who retired at the end of 2016. We are proud to recognize Greg, who devoted his career to the prevention and treatment of child abuse, neglect, and family violence.

Members receive periodic communications and invitations to exclusive events. To secure your place in the Greg Echele Guardian Society, make a donation today.

For more information, please contact Jessica Dederer at 314.534.9350.

Honorary Chairperson: Christine Homan

$50,000 and Above
Walt and Anna Beck Foundation / Anna Mayer Beck
Scott and Christine Homan / C & S Foundation

Stephen and Barbara Burrows
Norm and Laura Eaker
Ali Kindle Hogan and Kyle Hogan

Linda and Pete Werner

Jennifer and Dennis Barnes
Matt and Sandra Burkemper
Ken and Melissa Cella
Kent and Diane Chancellor
Brian and Vicki Clevinger
Dan and Sarah Fuhrmann
Jenifer and Ivan Garcia
Anna Harris
Brian Kearins
Kyle Krueger
Christopher Reid and Jennifer DeLaney
John and Carol Surgant
Jane Tschudy

Kevin and Debra Bastien
Cynthia and Michael Behr
Megan and Joel Bittle
Greta and Robert Brown
David and Nicole Chung
Richard and Christine Clark
Edgar Ellermann
Vinny and Lynn Ferrari
Michael and Karen Gerling
James and Rita Gibbons
Bryan and Lynn Hargiss
Matt and Kelley Harvey
John and Angela Heithaus
Sal and Uyen Hernandez
Jan and Gabe Hess
Craig and Jessica Hoagland
Laura Holt
Liz and Scott Johnson
Vic and Beth Koury
Arnold and Eleanor Larson
Kjell and Asha Lundal
Gene and Cathy Maier
Michael and Corinne Manchisi
Angie and Scott Mandrell
H. Martin and Janice Miller
Lynn Morley
Gary and Marnie Neal
Lisa Phelps and Bill Schnettgoecke
Aki Puryear, MD and Rachel Puryear
Chuck and Jeanne Rogers
Eben and Kristin Shantz
Bill and Kerrie Stude
Raymond and Laurie Van de Riet
Nancy Weaver and Mark Miller, MD

Gary and Gail Abbott
Bob and Rose Ahrens
Beth and Tom Anagnos
David and Lynne Anderson
Maureen and Dan Borkowski
David Brader
Suzy and Beau Brauer
Valori Bring
Wayne Brinkman
George and Barbara Clements
Tom and Merilee Curran
Michael and Rebecca Daming
Jessica and Rick Dederer
Jack and Sherry Delo
Tim and Maria Desloge
Mike and Torie DiSalvo
Jim and Peg Elder
Judith Gall
Thomas and Melissa Gall
Miguel and MaryAnn Garcia
Carolyn Gold
Steve Goldstein and Laura Staley
Jack and Robin Hake
Tim and Elizabeth Hampton
John and Eleanor Heithaus
Phyllis Hoff
Bob and Lynn Huson
Donald and Patricia Imholz
John and Sharon Kang
Carol Kohfeld and John Sprague
Richard and Judith Laitman
Tom and Kathy LaMantia
Gregg Lepper and Shawn Adelmann
Amelia and Mark Lewis
Dean Mary M. McKay and Jan Browne
Scott and Mo Miller
Earl and Nikkisha Ming
Sam and Mersija Niksic
Juliane and Omri Praiss
Norm Pressman and Wendi Alper-Pressman
Margie and Gary Sacks
Diana and Steve Seifert
Jeffrey and Linda Strobel
Stephen and Angela Strum
Kenneth Suelthaus
Lisa Vaccaro
Bill and Ellen Weber
Jill and Dave Wenzel

Leonard and Audrey Adreon
Stephen and Liz Appelbaum
Kimberly and Glenn Archer
Joseph M. Arndt
Valerie Atkins
Susan Backer-Conklin
John Behrend and Melissa Larson Behrend
Andrew and Renee Bell
Gwendolyn Belle
David Blatt
Randy and Carole Bradshaw
Susan and Joe Brinker
Lee and Chrissy Broughton
Kevin and Mary Buescher
Mark and Marie Carlie
Sharon and Doug Carroll
Kenneth and Deborah Castiglioni
Wendy and Craig Chambers
William and Barbara Conway
Jeffrey and Rebecca Cook

$1,000 continued
Tom and Dolly Corbett
Thomas and Laila Crabtree
Dr. William Danforth
James Debnam, MD and Fran Debnam
Peter and Bridget Desloge
Aaron and Amy Dimmitt
David and Jackie Dimmitt
W. Edwin and Karen Dodson
Gary and Gale Dollar
Rachel D’Souza-Siebert and Brian Siebert
Dan and Julie Dunwiddie
Mark and Patrice Durham
Greg Echele and Gail Gordon
Charles and Marcia Edwards
Carrie and Matthew Embleton
Mark and Lori Emge
James and Nancy Erlinger
Tim and Jen Feise
Robert and Susan Feldmann
Jim and Elizabeth Ferrick
Tom and Ruth Ferris
Steve and Sarah Ford
Ryan and Jocelyn Freeman
Albert Gallardo and Carol O’Neill
Randy and Ginger Gettman
Harriett and Larry Glazer
Judy Gurley
Matt and Jennifer Harbaugh
David and Mary Hayden
Thomas and Sue Hays
Dave Heilig
Michael and Alison Helgeson
Larry and Julie Hickman
Nicholas Higgins
David Holmes and Nancy Neff Holmes
Dea Hoover and Declan Rutan
Matt and Christina Hunt
Marlene Hunter
Anthony Irace
John and Sandy Irace
Brian and Alicia Jett
Richard and Lesa Johnson
Alan and Julia Jones
Vince and Karen Kaiman
Katie Kearins
James and Margaret Kiley
Gail and Matt Knipshild
Michelle and Vince Ko
Fred and Jen Koury
David and Sandra Krajcovic
Glen and Karen Kurowski
Dr. Edward and Elizabeth Lawlor
Timothy and Sue Leon
Paul and Diana Lerman
Clint and Christine Lewis
David and Stephanie Loesch
Peter and Sheila Manion
Debbie Marshall
Gary and Cathy Matthes
Scott and Amy Mayfield
Frederic and Lynne McCall
Holly McCullen
Philip and Jeanne McDermott
Ada McHaney
Fred and Helen Meister
Steve and Jen Melichar
Jean Mennes
Bill and Terry Meyer
Rob and Pat Miller
Sarah Miller
Lauren Nash Ming
Monique and John Mitalovich
Steve and Shannon Mitchell
Earl and Mary Morgan
Ryan and Mary Kate Mortland
Jeff Myers
David and Lauren Nall
Alison Nash, MD and Clarence Dula
Peggy and Andy Newman
Karen and Bill Nolte
Gary and Gail Olson
Bill and Paula Ott
James and Meera Penilla
Donald and Judy Podrasky
Tom and Kelly Pollihan
Kelly and Bill Rader
Diane and Greg Ray
Dave Robinson and Carol Morton
Patrick Rohrkaste and Kathleen McHugh
Angela Saettele
Steven and Kathleen Shreves
Terry Schmittgens
Dalton and Bobbi Schumacher
Max and Teresa Schwartz
Kim and Brad Seabaugh
Rick and Carol Short
Isabel Sippo
William and Rafaela Sippo
Steve and Ellen Smith
Warren and Judy Steffens
Chad and Amelia Stiening
William C. and Margaret Stude
Steve and Janette Taaffe
Martin and Jane Taylor
Bob Tomaso
Sheila Trimble and Jack Hambene
Dan and Sarah Wessel
Rick and Donna Wessel
Vicki and Michael Wroblewski
Michael and Joann Wuller
Kenneth and Beverly Young
Robin and David Young

Updated: September 18, 2017