Tony’s Story

January 11, 2014

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Tony seemed to live in a world dominated by violence.  Over and over again he watched as his mother was beaten by his stepdad.  He was in the car the day his stepdad shattered the windshield in a fit of rage.

By the time Tony started in daycare, he saw violence as a normal way of life, and he physically and verbally attacked the other children and his caregivers.  He hit, he kicked, he bit: he even tried to urinate on his teachers.  And each time a daycare gave up and he moved on to another one, his violent behavior would escalate.  At home, overwhelmed and with a third baby on the way, his mother controlled his angry outbursts the only way she knew: by locking him in a closet.

After being removed from his sixth daycare, Tony came to FRC’s Therapeutic Day Treatment Program.  Over time, he has learned the difference between right and wrong behavior, and how to channel his energies and feelings into positive and imaginative role playing.  Through family therapy sessions, his mother has gained the courage to get out of violent situations.  Today, thanks to FRC, Tony and his mother are thriving – and violence is a thing of the past.