Teen Parent Mentoring

St. Louis Volunteer Resource Parents (SLVRP) and St. Louis County Volunteer Resource Parents (SLCVRP)

Program Overview
St. Louis Volunteer Resource Parents (SLVRP) and St. Louis County Volunteer Resource Parents (SLCVRP) matches pregnant/parenting young women and young fathers with trained volunteer mentors to offer emotional support and parenting techniques during and after pregnancy. SLVRP is patterned upon a model known as Missouri Volunteer Resource Mothers, a research project created at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1994.

Information for Prospective Mentees

To be eligible for SLVRP/SLVCRP, pregnant or parenting teens must:

  • be under the age of 22
  • have no more than two children (one must be under one year of age)
  • be geographically located within areas of St. Louis City and County, which enables proximity for transportation to the two sites where the group meetings are held

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Information for Prospective Mentors

Volunteer Resource Parents are expected to:

  • participate in fun and educational monthly group meetings
  • attend training orientation sessions
  • maintain communication with the SLVRP staff

Volunteer Resource Parents are NOT expected to:

  • act as a professional counselor or health care provider
  • spend their own money on their mentee
  • act as a babysitter
  • do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable

As an empowering agent, a mentor:

  • is non-judgmental
  • asks for help when help is needed
  • allows the mentee to learn from mistakes
  • models successful parenting and life skills
  • advocates for the mentee in seeking community services
  • celebrates the mentee’s successes

Contact Information
If you would like more information about becoming a mentee or mentor in this program, contact us at:

Missouri Mentoring Partnership
3309 S Kingshighway Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63139-1101

Email the Missouri Mentoring Partnership

Download the MMP-SLVRP Brochure {pdf}

Download the MMP-SLVRP Brochure {pdf}