Read “Saving a Life” in the Fall 2013 Newsletter

November 10, 2013

News and Stories

Family Resource Center recently published our 2013 Fall Newsletter. Here is an excerpt from the cover story, “Saving a Life,”

“He’s coming back. My dad’s coming back to get me. You know that, don’t you, Tom?”

It seemed like every time Tom tried to get close to his adopted son, Keegan pushed him away. “No matter how we sugarcoat it, Keegan was abandoned,” his adoptive mom, Peggy, says, “and abandonment is an awful thing. How do you explain that to a seven year-old boy?”

Keegan came into their lives eager to please, but angry and puzzled by his biological dad’s absence. He would cry at the drop of a hat, Peggy recalls. “The beautiful thing was that we could go to bed thinking how tough the day had been, and the next morning Keegan would be up and smiling as if nothing had happened. Each morning that he bounced back I thanked God.” During those first few months Peggy says she clung to the assurance of Family Resource Center’s case manager: “Get him out of this mess and, nine times out of ten, it will change his behavior.”

Read more about Keegan and other exciting FRC news in our latest newsletter below.

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