Program Overview | Drug Court Mentoring

February 10, 2011

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In this program, trained mentors provide teens guidance, advocacy and support as they navigate the St. Louis Court system. The goal is to get the teens clean, sober, and on the right track to a succesful adulthood.

An article in our upcoming newsletter shows just how important these mentors can be to our teens:

Drug Court Commissioner Relies on FRC Mentors

Drug Court Commissioner Michael W. Noble spoke to FRC’s Advocacy Board recently about his work with the drug courts and, specifically, about his reliance on the drug court mentors of Family Resource Center. “We’d be lost without them,” he says.

FRC offers mentoring through its Missouri Mentoring Program, which has three components: drug court mentoring, employment mentoring, and mentoring for teen parents.

The individuals who appear before the drug court are nonviolent criminals, and the goal is to have them successfully complete the court’s treatment program in nine months. Therapists and mentors, working as a team, assist with housing, child support and transportation, parenting classes and job training. Mr. Noble estimates that it costs $16,000 to put someone in jail, but only $6,000 to provide them with treatment.

Mr. Noble depends on FRC’s mentors to support the mothers in Family Drug Court so that they can be reunited with their children. The results are impressive: clients with mentors have a 2-1 success rate over those who don’t receive mentoring. Mentors are able to bond with mothers and “flush out what the problem is,” he says. “They can find a better solution than I can.”

Mr. Noble notes that Family Resource Center provides a central location for both parenting skills and therapy, the kind of one-stop shopping that he appreciates. “I’d give FRC an A+,” he says. “Every time I’ve relied on them I’ve had a good return.”


For further information about Drug Court Mentoring, please contact us at 314.534.9350. We’re here to help.