Perk Up Your Summer – and Help FRC Help Kids

July 23, 2011


“I am soooooo bored.” A mother told us she heard that lament for the first time this summer, just a few hours after her son’s middle school graduation! So, get ready; it’s coming. And we have an idea that might help.

Have your children plan a lemonade stand to benefit the children and families of Family Resource Center. The kids will quickly learn that doing good things for others can be fun and rewarding. And we will have more resources to assist us in our mission of treating and preventing child abuse.

Notify us before your event, and we’ll send you a sign and a packet of kid-friendly literature describing the wonderful things that FRC does to give children a chance for a better life. Send us a picture after your event, and we’ll post it on our website, Facebook, and our Flickr photo page!

Are your kids interested in having a lemonade stand to help other kids? For more information, call FRC at 314.534.9350 or email

Lemonade Stands
Desmond and friends

Lemonade Stands
Xavier, Benedict, and Maria

Lemonade Stands
Vince, Rocco, Bella, Gianna and Frank