Join FRC for a Trivia Night!

September 20, 2010


Family Resource Center’s Junior Advocacy Board invites you to get a group of family & friends together for a fun night of trivia on Friday, November 12, beginning at 6pm at The Heights community center.

FRC Trivia:
1. What is Family Resource Center’s Mission?
2.  How many children and their family members were helped by FRC in 2009?
3.  How much does it cost to serve each client?
4. In what year was FRC founded?
5.  How can you change the life of a child?

1.  Prevent and treat all forms of child abuse and neglect.
2.  Over 10,000
3.  $610
4.  1974
5.  By attending this Trivia Night!

So, get 8 of your smartest or funniest friends together and make a difference in the life of a child.

See you on November 12th!

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