FRC Receives Grant to Keep Abused Children Safe

The Dana Brown Charitable Trust has awarded $20,000 to Family Resource Center (FRC) to upgrade the physical facilities of its Therapeutic Preschool/Day Treatment Program.  Plans include improved fencing and gates, as well as a new outside play area.

“This year we are seeing children with more severe emotional and behavioral problems,” said Greg Echele, Chief Executive Officer of FRC. “They are definitely more physically aggressive. Our facility has not been upgraded since we moved into the building in 2002, so this grant will help us continue to provide a safe and secure environment in which our kids can heal from their abuse.”

Family Resource Center, located on south Kingshighway, is a private, non-profit agency whose mission is to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect through family-centered therapeutic, educational, and support services. The agency works with more than 10,000 children and family members throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area each year.

FRC’s Therapeutic Preschool/Day Treatment Program has been in operation for 36 years and provides high-quality therapeutic and academic services to 3-5 year old children who have been abused or neglected and who could not succeed in school or society without professional intervention.  FRC’s program is 1 of only 2 such therapeutic intervention and school readiness programs in the St. Louis area.

Children are in FRC’s care for 6 – 9 months generally, and are ready to return to a typical preschool setting when they “graduate” from the Therapeutic Preschool/Day Treatment Program.