Day Treatment Program Begins HighScope Curriculum

March 10, 2011

Programs and Services

For 36 years, the Therapeutic Day Treatment Program has formed the cornerstone of Family Resource Center’s efforts to heal abused and neglected children.

Currently the program has fourteen 3 – 5 year-old children, of whom 6 are in foster care, 2 are in the care of relatives while the parents are incarcerated, 7 have been exposed to documented domestic violence, 5 have experienced homelessness, 7 were expelled previously from other preschools, and one, a four-year-old, is watching his 5 year-old brother die of brain cancer. Program Manager Aaron Daugherty notes that many of the children have experienced two or more of these traumatic circumstances in their young lives, and they carry with them the resulting sadness, confusion, anger and aggression.

The staff of the day treatment program is faced with two real challenges. First, licensed therapists help the children process their pain and trauma so they can begin to recover. Then teachers work to meet the academic needs of the children so they can eventually be mainstreamed into other schools. To improve the integration of both emotional and academic needs, the preschool is in the process of implementing the HighScope curriculum, a program funded in part by a grant from the PNC Foundation.

The HighScope curriculum is a comprehensive system in which teachers and children are active partners in the learning process. 40 years of research into the effectiveness of the curriculum indicates that adults who participated in HighScope as children are 50% more likely to hold jobs, have higher earnings, avoid crime, and graduate from high school than adults from similar backgrounds who didn’t participate in the curriculum during their childhood.

Mr. Daugherty hopes to expand FRC’s day treatment program in the future to accommodate even more abused and neglected children. He noted that our investment in the program now will result in tremendous savings to taxpayers later – as much as $12 saved for every $1 invested – as we do our part towards creating healthy, productive and law-abiding adults.