Child Abuse Prevention/Treatment Services (CAPS)

March 9, 2011

Programs and Services

Program Overview

The St. Louis County Child Abuse Prevention/ Treament Service (CAPS) will offer services to any child/youth age 19 or under, or a parent of that child/ youth that seeks help. The client(s) must reside in St. Louis county.

This program was started to help children overcome the devastating effects of abuse, or help parents who are candidates to become abusive. The children in these situations live and thrive at the discretion of their parent’s ability (or inability) to nurture, communicate, display empathy, discipline in a way that promotes self-worth, and helps them to experience success. When a parent cannot provide this and turns to abuse instead, the child is at risk of repeating this type of abuse with their own children.

The goal of the CAPS program is to stop this generational cycle of abuse.

Programs Provided

Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
•    For children and adolescents with a history of sexual abuse, exposure to other childhood traumas, and non-offending parents or caregivers of victims of sexual abuse or trauma
•    Weekly individual sessions with child and parent/ caregiver as well as joint sessions
•    Individual sessions focus on building the therapeutic relationship while providing education, skills, and a safe environment to process traumatic memories
•    Joint sessions are designed to help parents and children practice and use skills they have learned, while fostering more effective communication about the abuse
•    Treatment can last from 12-18 sessions

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
•    For children age 2-12 with behavior and parent-child relationship problems, and for physically abusive parents
•    This coaching service helps parents learn specific parenting skills while decreasing negative behavior in their children
•    Utilizes Child Directed Interaction and Parent Directed Interaction
•    Treatment lasts from 12-16 weekly sessions

Parenting Wisely
•    For parents of children 3-18 years old, with an emphasis on the middle school and junior high school transition years
•    Increases parental knowledge & use of good parenting skills through classes
•    Sessions can be completed in as little as 3-4 hours or in 6 weekly 1 hour sessions for individuals or groups

For more information about this program, contact Family Resource Center at 314.534.9350, or download our brochure.